• The blade spiral angle of glass driller parameters

    2014-06-28 455

    A glass driller, comprising a cutter rod (1), the knife rod has a tip, tip two are in a principal plane (C-C) on the cutting insert (5, 5 '), the cutting blades (5, 5') have in common the second plane (E-E) center cutting a short knife edge orientation. The blades form a central punctate cutting edge is used to enter the workpiece, and thus the bit of. On the cutter bar, Two Flutes (6, 6 '), the chip groove (6, 6') extending from the tip to the end, a part of cutting blade radial configuration, with at least 2 main cutting edge, as well as in the circumferential direction is arranged between the main distribution cutting edge and cutting edge, at least two side cutting edge, the cutting edge portion includes a cutting edge as the cutting blade, cutting edge in the end is located in the center of rotation.
    1, long service life, high machining accuracy: bits of glass cutting edge materials as diamond, compared with cemented carbide drill bit and diamond coated drill, the tool life greatly extended. Excellent anti adhesion of diamond, therefore, dimension precision and can obtain stable machining surface and hole.
    2, can be made of small diameter tool products: diamond and carbide sintered into a whole, can be made more than 0.4mm drill bit, and can avoid the defects of welding of diamond bit.
    3, with large helix angle: bits of glass in the diamond part of the periphery is provided with a spiral angle of 30 °, therefore cutting sharpness good. Compared with the diamond welded drill, with a large helix angle, which can prevent the hole exit from the collapse of block or edge.