• Use method five bits of glass.

    2014-06-28 461

    The glass drill in the ordinary electric drill, with fingers on the switch selection pressure, lower speed, while drilling to drilling bit side spray can. Not to be drilled hole edge collapse, the first from the side drilled a part, and then turned to drill through. According to the use of glass bit classification
    (1). The center drill: generally used for drilling before hitting the center point, the front end conical surface of 60 °, 75 °, 90 °, lathe work for tailstock support, holding should use 60 ° center drill with the lathe tailstock top heart 60 ° phase.
    (2). Hemp flowers drills: use a bit the most extensive for industrial manufacturing, we generally use the drill bit is Hemp flowers.
    (3). Super hard bit: the drill body front end or all made of hard alloy cutting tool material, used in drilling materials processing.
    (4). Drill hole: drill two holes, cutting agent through the orifice to the cutting edge part, to take away heat and chip, use this bit general job rotation, and bit static
    (5). The deep hole drill bit used for drilling glass: the earliest stone barrel and ensure processing, also known as the gun drill. Deep hole drill has groove, resection of 1/4 parts in a circular tube to produce edge chip