• Diamond grinding wheel grinding loss calculation

    2014-06-28 455

    The grinding efficiency of two kinds of grinding wheel is decreased with increasing grinding time, grinding wheel grinding of diamond cutting effect in the early, grinding wheel is very strong, has the very high material removal ability, but with increasing grinding time, grinding wheel cutting effect gradually weakened, grinding wheel material removal capacity reduction. At the same time, we can also find Ⅰ flexible diamond grinding wheel grinding efficiency and rapid initial, II grinding wheel grinding efficiency stability.
    In the two grinding wheel grinding 9 hours after clipping a production sample and scanning electron microscopy (SEM) analysis, the diamond and the adhesive itself is not conductive, to spray gold on the surface of a sample, in order to further reveal the mechanism of abrasive wear.
    Thin wall bit, diamond grinding wheel technical and economic index and other products are the leading domestic level, the rope saw the production technology and product comprehensive indexes have reached the international advanced level, laser welding diamond thin wall drill tooth and welding strength steel body than the German standard (DEA). Diamond grinding wheel has been widely used at home, and enter the international market, has obvious economic, social benefits.