• The advantage of edge grinding wheel than manual grinding of diamond

    2014-06-28 452

    When we choose the diamond grinding wheel, can according to their own use to select the appropriate; for example, when we're grinding hard ground, we should choose the soft carcass grinding wheel; if it is a very soft ground, we can choose a relatively stiff matrix
    Different roughness surface grinding, we should also be in the choice of granularity when selecting more appropriate, we usually for coarse grinding, the grinding wheel should be soft matrix and high quality selection, particle size can choose the larger particles, such as 16#, 20# or 30/40# to grinding, grinding wheel suitable choice of such can increase the working efficiency; for fine grinding, we can also call a polishing grinding wheel, we can choose the hard matrix and fine particles, particles such as 80# -120#, can also according to the grinding requirements, select the other finer granularity.
    Diamond grinding wheel peripheral speed must be appropriate. The optimum circumferential speed metal cast steel, steel, nickel, chrome grinding for 18 ~ 30m/s, polishing of copper and its alloys, silver, zinc optimum circumferential velocity is 14~18m/s, the optimum circumferential speed of aluminium and its alloys, lead, tin and plastic polishing time should be 10 ~ 14m/s.
    Application of hard alloy hob in Europe is not high, this is due to the development of the new diamond grinding wheel and high performance cutting tool coating technology and high-speed steel, carbide hob hob in hobbing time gap can be controlled at about 15%; the price of hard alloy hob is higher, if the gear workpiece number is not enough the use of hard alloy hob, the cost will be very high