• CNC grinding wheel factory on the development trend of domestic hardware industry

    2014-06-28 477

    CNC grinding wheel factory on the development trend of domestic hardware industry
    Measuring hardware is a major category of measuring instruments, domestic hardware measuring tool window continuously, and measurement technology is the key, after decades of development, hardware tools industry has initially formed product variety is complete, has a certain scale of production and development capabilities of the industrial system, the development and applications of the instrument also has a very significant impact.
    Chinese hardware industry is developing at an annual growth rate of 20%, the total annual output value reached 400000000000 yuan, higher than the household appliances industry. China the light industry exports accounted for about 25% of national total exports, exports of hardware industry ranked in the top three of light industry. Every corner Chinese hardware products almost all over the world, Chinese is become be worthy of the name of the hardware industry country.
    From the time point of view, a few years ago, the overall grade of China's hardware industry is not too high, the small and medium-sized enterprise more, start low, for some small workshop; change in recent years is relatively large, one is improving the quality of personnel, responsible for the largest such as National Hardware market at present Beijing will be built by China Hardware City all doctoral, postdoctoral, people; two is the technology and management level, such as the the Great Wall Seiko factory, in the process, the management has the quite high level.
    From the technology point of view, the uneven level of domestic production technology, many large firms abroad to Chinese as products processing base their, international have many enterprises have entered the mainland market.
    It is China hardware product renewal stage, from the low-end to high-end products over time. This is for the development of China hardware industry is very favorable, transfer to the process in the production of foreign product, will include raw material, some foreign advanced production technology, management pattern is taken together.