• Research and application status of diamond cutting blade

    2014-06-28 465

    Research and application status of diamond cutting blade
    Diamond cutting sheet appears more and more in the factory, so the diamond cutting usage now whether optimism? Let the following Xiaobian for you on the present status of research and application of diamond cutting blade.
    Resin production of diamond thin film cutting is a type of insurance can be an excellent way, usually choose the thermosetting phenolic resin as binder, it is the practice of diamond grains mixed with resins, and then use the method of hot pressing sintering and thermal curing after grinding processing, this process needs a few hours, and thus the higher cost of production. With the skills of the forward, heat curing resin gradually replaced by light cured composite resin, light cured resin is mainly composed of a base polymer (photo crosslinkable polymers), reactive diluents (a photopolymerizable monomer), light initiating agent and additive. Chemical reaction process differences between it and heat curing resin the essence lies in its curing process is to absorb the appropriate wavelengths of light and lead, which change from a liquid to solid is a molecular weight added results, rather than the solvent evaporation of the form, so it has fast curing, no pollution, energy saving advantages, but the restriction factor is the raw materials price is higher.