• Sintered diamond grinding wheel gradually eliminated by the market

    2014-06-28 486

    Sintered metal bonded grinding wheel with bronze and other metal as binder, made of high temperature sintering method, the combination of high strength, good formability, high temperature resistance, thermal conductivity and good wear resistance, long service life, can bear larger load. Because the wheel inevitably in the process of sintering shrinkage and deformation exists, so in the the use of the former must through the shaping of the grinding wheel, grinding wheel dressing but difficult. At present commonly used in the production of a grinding wheel rolling shaping method not only in the dressing is time-consuming and laborious, and diamond dressing process of shedding more, large consumption of grinding wheel truing itself, plastic precision is relatively low.
    In recent years many scholars have carried out research work using special processing methods to the dressing of metal bonded diamond grinding wheel, mainly electrolytic dressing method, electric spark truing and dressing method. The composite electrolytic dressing method is fast, plastic precision; electric spark dressing method of plastic with high accuracy, can be plastic and dressing, but plastic slower; composite dressing method with electrolytic EDM dressing method, mechanical chemical compound truing and dressing, dressing effect is good, but the complex system, so the problem of finishing the sintered diamond grinding wheel is still not well resolved. In addition, due to the manufacturing process of grinding wheel is determined by its surface morphology is random, the geometry of the abrasive grain, not uniform distribution and the height of cutting edge grinding, so only a few higher cutting edge cut into the workpiece, limiting the grinding quality and grinding efficiency is improved.