• Choose the appropriate super abrasive grinding wheel

    2014-06-28 489

    Choose the appropriate super abrasive grinding wheel
    The requirement for processing the workpiece material, different, should choose different grinding wheel. Even if the grinding with a grinding wheel workpiece material, different grades of 2~5 times is possible, so you want to select suitable grinding wheel.
    Diamond grinding wheel is the best abrasive non-metallic materials in grinding hard alloy, optical glass, ceramics, stone and stone, high hardness and brittleness. But because the diamond easily carbonized at 700 ℃ ~800 ℃, so it is not suitable for the grinding of steel material. The hardness of CBN is slightly inferior to diamond, but its thermal stability is good (capacity 1300 ℃ ~1400 ℃ temperature), it is not such as diamond at high temperature can be decomposed, namely the oxidation and graphitization, and the iron group elements chemically inert, high thermal conductivity (46 times the corundum), with its production of sand wheel long life (up to corundum grinding wheel are several times to hundreds of times), is the best tool to replace emery wheel grinding hardened steel, high speed tool steel, bearing steel, stainless steel, heat-resistant steel and titanium alloy high hardness and toughness of metallic materials.
    Bonded superabrasive grinding wheel with resin, metal, ceramics, electroplating and brazing. Resin bond grinding wheel is mainly used for sharpening tools, grinding, cylindrical grinding and grinding plane; metal bonded grinding wheel used for spiral groove forming grinding, optical curve grinding machine grinding, grinding a single point cutting tool, grinding small bit, also applies to the electrolytic grinding; grinding efficiency of vitrified bond grinding wheel of high, shape retention good, high durability, easy dressing, grinding wheel, long service life, and because of vitrified bond itself has good chemical stability, erosion resistance, oil resistance, acid and alkali resistance, can be adapted to all kinds of grinding fluid, grinding, low cost, and has become the preferred tool of efficient, high precision grinding; electroplating grinding wheel is suitable for high speed grinding and the forming mill, also suitable for high efficiency grinding hole (wet grinding) and used in coordinate grinder; grinding wheel is suitable for ultra high speed grinding.
    It must be pointed out that, different grades of abrasive, due to manufacturing process, the crystal form, particle shape is different, with different strength, thermal stability and fragmentation characteristics, should according to the binder, grinding material and grinding way, choosing different abrasive. As for vitrified abrasive high efficiency, high precision grinding, can choose the high strength and abrasive particle shape sharp, such as type PDA produced by DeBeers company (artificial diamond varieties) and ABN800 type (CBN type) or other similar performance grade. Super hard abrasive product surface and metal plating coat (metal coating to strengthening and toughening, slow down the heat shock as well as between abrasive grain and bond combination bridge role, can improve the grinding wheel performance) and not plated metal jacket two, should according to the binder, workpiece material, dry grinding and wet grinding etc. selection of conditions. Dry grinding generally use copper coating, such as RVD-Cu, CBN-Cu; wet grinding nickel coating, such as RVD-Ni, CBN-Ni. At present, metal plating nickel, copper has been developed to titanium, tungsten alloy, non metal ceramics, developed by single coating composite coating, and the abrasive coating to powder coating.
    Concentration not hard abrasive grinding wheel is chosen too low, high concentrations can bring high grinding ratio, grinding wheel 200% concentration is actually a super hard abrasive grinding wheel as auxiliary material, generally not recommended in naming. At present, high speed and high efficiency grinding with high concentration, sealed vitrified CBN depends on, to prevent the super hard abrasive into, accelerate the wear parts. In order to have a perfect grinding fluid filtration and supply system, the graphite, the method is also applicable for resin, ceramic bonded grinding wheel.