• The use of diamond grinding wheel with note

    2014-06-28 496

    Matters needing attention in the process of using diamond grinding wheel
    The side grinding
    In daily use grinder, we can often find kinds of grinding wheel in different varieties, some operators are not divided into sand turbine side of, optionally using grinding wheel for grinding, this is illegal behavior seriously violates the rules of safe operation. The grinding wheel should not use work side grinding according to rules with circumferential surface, the grinding wheel radial strength, axial intensity is very small, the force is too large will cause the wheel broken, even hurt, in actual use process should prohibit such behavior.
    The positive operation problem
    In daily use, many operators used to grinding operation, the reason is this direction can use anything, actually this kind of behavior is grinding machine operation should be specifically prohibited behavior. According to the operating rules, the use of grinding machine grinding workpiece, the operator should stand in the wheel side, can not operate in the front wheel, so as to avoid wheel failure, wheel or wheel broken fly flying out to hurt people.
    Forced operation problem
    Some operators to use grinder,, especially the young operator, for the sake of grinding speed, force too much too fast, this is a very unsafe behavior. Any wheel body has a certain strength, it is likely to be caused by the grinding wheel broken, even flying out to hurt people, but also a should be prohibited.
    Common operating problems
    In the daily operation of practical, also have this happen, people catch the production task, grab job time, two people share a sanding machine to operate at the same time, this is a serious violation of operation behavior, should be strictly prohibited. When a sanding machine is not used, can be used to add a grinding machine solution, absolutely not allowed to simultaneously share a grinder.